Documenta 14 debates immigration and democracy

It sits on a medium-size, industrial city at the heart of Germany's Hesse State. The city of Kassel receives once again the Documenta 14. Although the art show has had an earlier edition in Athens, Greece, it is here that we better acknowledge its spread, disarticulated, and site-specific project. Without wrapping itself in only one sign, as the… Continue reading Documenta 14 debates immigration and democracy


Book review: Activism on the web – Everyday struggles against digital capitalism by Veronica Barassi

As we witness phenomena such as Momentum, Labour's digital assemblage that pushed for Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 General Election, we might want to remove digital activism out of commonplace. Beyond the rhetorics of the "phenomenon", "social media-led change", scholars have challenged the actual ICTs penetration in these activist realms by contrasting their relationship with… Continue reading Book review: Activism on the web – Everyday struggles against digital capitalism by Veronica Barassi

Book review – British Representations of Latin America, Luz Elena Ramirez

While not officially part of the British Empire, interactions between Britain and Latin America have existed in reports, literary accounts, and detail-rich descriptions. Reading a variety of 19th century British writers, we find similarities in reports from many distinct countries that constitute what we call by Latin America; countries as distinct from each other as… Continue reading Book review – British Representations of Latin America, Luz Elena Ramirez

Natives at the 2017 Venice Biennale

To pay homage to the world’s indigenous communities, the Biennale creates unnecessary mysticism The 57th Venice Biennale decided to dedicate a large pavilion of its Arsenale section to the art of native communities around the world. An example of this incursion is the large embroidered hut designed by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, entitled "Um Sagrado… Continue reading Natives at the 2017 Venice Biennale

Looking at past favela mediators

It is impressive how the situation has changed in Brazil's favelas over the last decades. In the 1950s, it was common to find bishops and other charismatic leaders brokering dialogue between favela dwellers, mainstream society, and the state. They used to ask authorities for food support, or helped to halt evictions, often protesting police violence.… Continue reading Looking at past favela mediators

The UK immigrant witch-hunt arrives at the university

  The political rhetoric that has blamed immigrants for the state of British health care system, for the lack of schools, of houses, or for the overcrowding of London has carried out even more devastating effects than generating headline after headline in the country’s broadsheets. Following hundred of thousands of European residents in the UK,… Continue reading The UK immigrant witch-hunt arrives at the university